Burke Ross - US Marine Corps, World War II

Burke RossBurke Ross has a long and remarkable history of serving veterans and his community. His dedication and sense of duty to others has enriched the lives of generations of Connecticut veterans and their families. He has been involved with the major veteran organizations for more than 30 years and his leadership have resulted not only in assistance to individual veterans, but to projects and programs that sustain veterans, raise their esteem and preserve their legacy.

He is well known for his quiet but effective efforts to obtain wheelchair vans for transport of disabled veterans, computers to connect veterans to vital information and communication sources, gift cards, cameras and other much needed items to improve the quality of life for disabled, frail and/or elderly veterans at the Veterans Home in Rocky Hill and the West Haven VA. He has been involved with planning parades and other patriotic events, leading services at funerals and wakes and providing food and shelter for the homeless and needy veterans in Connecticut.

His efforts to establish a US Postal Service Stamp bearing a reproduction of the Purple Heart Medal in honor of America's combat wounded veterans are a testament to his unrelenting determination to serve and honor our Nation's heroes. Not only did he advocate for the issue of the Purple Heart Postage Stamp, he was undeterred when he learned that the process was long and protracted. He set to work learning and mastering the Postal Services protocols and requirements and succeeded in achieving the first issue of this stamp. However the stamp was so popular that the supply was quickly exhausted and circulation discontinued. Burke was far from satisfied with this development and mounted another successful campaign to have the Purple Heart Stamp become one of only two designated declared "forever" stamps by the US Postal Service.

Burke is a living example of how one generation of veteran can be a leader and elder statesman for those who will follow after. His years of service as State adjutant of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, keen interest in the emerging and unmet needs of veterans on the State and National levels and his unyielding devotion to duty are outstanding qualities that have endeared this gentleman to generations of Connecticut veterans.

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