Associate Members

Associate Membership for life may be granted to a spouse, parent, sibling, and lineal or adopted descendent of a living or deceased Purple Heart recipient, 18 years of age or older.

An Associate Member has all the privileges’ of an active member of MOPH, except that he or she may not hold an elected or appointed office, or vote on business or elections. Associate members wear the oval George Washington emblem or their cap, not the Purple Heart emblem.

Documentation of the relationship to the Purple Heart recipient must accompany the application for associate membership. However if the Purple Heart recipient is an active member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart he or she may sign the application certifying to the relationship. The application form for Life Membership into MOPH includes a section for Associate Members

Ladies Auxiliary - LAMOPH

The Ladies Auxiliary consist of Mothers, Wives, Daughters, Sisters, Widows, Stepdaughters, Granddaughters and legally adopted female lineal descendants, who are at least 14 years old, of a living or deceased Purple Heart recipient. This Organization is chartered by Congress and its’ members share our goals and mission by working closely with our Department and local Chapters by assisting, comforting, and aiding distressed veterans and their families.

Those interested in joining the Ladies Auxiliary may do so by completing the application form below. Printing and then forwarding it to the address on the form. Membership must be verified through evidence of the Purple Heart Award of the related Patriot. A copy of the award may accompany the application or the application may be verified by the Department or Chapter Adjutant. The cost for a Lifetime Membership is $50.